What are hybrid events? Hybrid events combine an in-person event with virtual access to some or all components of the event. Companies can approach this in a number of ways.

Hybrid events allow you to have more flexibility, they put the attendee experience first, you can stay ahead of competitors, and they will help us get closer to all in-person events!

One way to keep all your guests feeling safe is by letting them have the choice if they feel comfortable or not comfortable attending the event. By providing a hybrid experience you give people the power of choice!

Some companies are having huge success with virtual events. There are so many companies that made more money having a virtual experience than ever before. Try out a virtual event and see how you do. If people aren’t paying travel expenses they may be more likely to pay for items and donate!

1. Hybrid events allow more flexibility.

Many attendees would attend an event in person with additional safety criteria, such as the event being local or small. Planning for a hybrid event allows you to lay the groundwork for a virtual back-up plan while moving forward with the option of attending in person.

When you already have the virtual event components for your hybrid event sorted out, it is easier for attendees and planners to pivot between attending in person or online without completely rethinking the entire event.

2. Hybrid events put the attendee experience first.

Providing users with flexibility is key to a great customer experience. Offer both in-person and virtual-only access to live content and give attendees a choice. Allowing people to choose their journey with your brand will demonstrate your interest in their needs versus the company’s needs and will strengthen consumer relationships with your brand.

What are your thoughts on hybrid events? Let us know.


  • April 20, 2018
    Jesse Cox

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      Amber Webb

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