It’s essential to take the event planning process one step at a time. How about you start with creating an event timeline? An event timeline will ensure that you stay on track and will make you excited about the event you’re going to throw together.

Event timelines should support you, not weigh you down, and if you’re still really worried about the possibility of a cancellation, consider planning a hybrid event. That way, you always have that virtual component to fall back on!

Having an event timeline also allows you to prioritize when planning. A quick glance at your timeline will let you know what needs to be done now and what may not need to be done until later.

Knowing what is a priority will help you manage your time better and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to always include measurables and deadlines into your timeline to track your progress.

Event timelines won’t be of much help if there isn’t sufficient time left until the event takes place.

To understand how far out you should create your timeline, you should consider the nature of the event, this will let you know the appropriate time frame you need in order to plan a flawless event. If it’s a major event with hundreds of attendees, you may even need up to a year to book venues and ensure everything falls into place.

The key thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. Event timelines should be customized for your particular event and not reused time and again. After all, each event is a sum of countless variables that together create the final equation, and remember, the more information you include, the better.

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